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Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44mm Rifle Scope

Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44mm Rifle Scope

Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44mm Rifle Scope    Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44mm Rifle Scope
If you are looking for a serious scope for some serious precision, look no further. The Veyron from Vector optics provides ultra-clear glass with a fine reticle with first focal plane functionality. Complete with 20mm Picatinny scope rings, a kill-flash device, and polymer flip-up lens protectors, all this scope needs is a rifle to mount it to!

Introducing the Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44 FFP Riflescope, a large optic with variable magnification from 3x for short to medium range engagement, all the way out to a whopping 12x for long-range spotting! The scope features a 30mm monotube and 44mm objective lens, providing a wide field of view, and comes complete with scope rings, flip-up lens protectors, and a threaded kill-flash device which is pre-installed.

Starting at the front of the optic, we can see the pre-installed kill-flash, which takes the form of a honeycomb mesh covering the objective lens. This device is intended to eliminate glare when the sunlight catches the lens, ensuring your target remains unaware as you harass him from range. The kill flash threads into the scopes sunshade threads, and can easily be removed should you wish to mount an alternative device, or if the kill flash becomes damaged.

The scope includes a pair of polymer flip-up lens covers, which are ideal for transportation and storage of the scope; protecting its delicate lenses. The covers can be left on during the skirmish, and simply flipped up for use, giving you one less thing to remember to do before packing up at the end of the day. As we move rearwards we find the adjustment turrets, which are present on the top, left, and right of the optic. The dial on the left side adjusts the focus, allowing you to set the scope for your own eye, and the range at which you are engaging, providing optimum optical clarity.

The turret on the top adjusts your reticle for elevation, with a clockwise turn moving the reticle down, and counterclockwise moving the reticle upwards. The final turret, on the right side, adjusts your reticle for windage, i. The windage and elevation turrets are of a tool-less locking design, requiring an intentional pull outwards to unlock the adjustment, with a push back home to lock the adjustment down. This guarantees you aren't going to upset your zero if you bump the turrets accidentally. Moving rearwards we reach the "eye bell" of the scope, at the stem of which we can find the rotary magnification adjustment dial.

This dial can be moved around the circumference of the scope to select between 3 and 12x magnification, and anything in between. The dial features serrations to ensure you have a good grip when adjusting, allowing this dial to be quite firm to ensure it cannot be inadvertently changed.

In order to protect the delicate lenses and internals of the scope, the monotube has been nitrogen purged to remove any internal moisture, and has been sealed with O-rings to prevent dust and water from entering the scope. The Veyron is rated as shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof; though we do not recommend you go deep-sea diving with this optic, it will survive a rainy skirmish. This brings us on to the best feature of this scope, one that sets it apart from its rivals: The First Focal Plane functionality. FFP or First Focal Plane scopes have the reticle positioned at the middle of the scope body, in front of the magnification lens, allowing the reticle and its stadia to be magnified along with the target, as opposed to a second focal plane scope, where the reticle is within the eye bell and remains the same size regardless of magnification.

This can prove a huge advantage if you regularly engage at different ranges and with different magnification, as it allows the sight picture to remain consistent in relation to the reticle and stadia markings regardless of the magnification setting. This allows you to engage targets at any distance and magnification whilst using the same adjustment increments, whereas otherwise, you would need to know the size of each stadia line at each range at every level of magnification to use the scope to its greatest potential. Very useful for us Airsofters, who by and large prefer to shoot rather than do sums in the heat of battle! At the rear of the eye bell, we can find the eyepiece focus ring, which provides fast adjustment of the scope to your eye, providing similar functionality to the focus dial on the scope body but with finer adjustment.

This allows you to adjust to a rough focus for the range you are engaging at with the turret on the scope body, then fine-tune with the dial on the eye bell. This scope is capable of incredible precision and would be equally suited to an Air rifle as it is to an Airsoft sniper rifle. Be under no illusion, this scope is the real deal, and is capable of more precision than 90 percent of Airsoft setups are capable of!

Ultra-precise reticle with fine stadia. Locking windage and elevation turrets.

First Focal Plane scope - Reticle increases in size as you zoom. Tactile and audible clicks when adjusting - Very satisfying! Includes 20mm Picatinny scope rings for 30mm tube. Nitrogen purged tube - Water, fog, and shockproof. Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44 FFP Rifle Scope. 20mm Picatinny scope rings (30mm tube). This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Hunting\Scopes, Optics & Lasers\Other Scopes, Optics & Lasers".

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Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44mm Rifle Scope    Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44mm Rifle Scope